Making sense of diets can be an impossible task and somehow everyone seems to contradict each other. Right from what foods are good, to what supplements could help you lose weight everything seems confusing. Fear not! Here are 5 simple rules to stay healthy, lose fat and get stronger:

1. Stop Eating Junk

Everyone knows what foods are just bad. Stop eating them! Its easier to give them up cold turkey then to reduce your consumption. This is because these foods are addictive in nature and keeping them in your diet will only make you hungrier and get bad cravings.These include- Sodas, Chips, Fried goods, baked items, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, fast food etc

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2. Stop Eating Hidden Junk

These are items that people argue back and forth about and justify putting in their diets even though common sense dictates otherwise. As a general rule, anything that has to be modified, or its quantities moderated to be healthy is actually junk.These include- Wheat, atta, digestive and health biscuits, fruits juices and energy drinks, tea and coffee with sugar and milk, health bars and granola bars and all pre-packaged items.

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3. Substitute with healthy alternatives

These are the foods that have proven their health values time and time again.Carbs- Oats, brown rice, double boiled white rice, boiled potatoes, arbi, sweet potatoes, fruits, legumes, all vegetables, spices, herbs and beans.
Proteins- Milk, curd, paneer, chicken, fish, lean cuts of pork and beef, mutton, seafood, eggs, pulses and seeds.
Fats- Olive oil, fish oil, walnuts, peanuts, cashews and almonds.

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4. Supplement to fill nutritional gaps only

Do not take supplements for the sake of taking supplements. Nothing works independent of your diet. Figure out what you are short of and only take that. Ensure that major deficiencies are taken care of.Commonly useful supplements- Vit C, Zinc, Magnesium, Vit D, Fish Oil, B-Complex, Calcium and whey protein.

5. 80% rule

Make an effort to ensure that 80% of your diet adheres to these rules. If you slip up 20% its no big deal, because you are forming good habits and overall eating well. Do not stress about eating something and beat yourself up mentally. It only makes it harder to eat correctly. Instead indulge yourself occasionally and enjoy it. Just make sure its 20% only and not 50%.

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