One of the great superfoods that is cheap and easily available, eggs have been getting a bad rap for no real reason. In this post I would like to discuss why eggs have been demonized and how they are in fact one of the best foods known to man.

  1. Myth- Eggs have too much cholesterol
    While it is true egg yolks have cholesterol, they do not contain the harmful variants of it.
  2. Myth- Eggs are bad for the heart
    This is based on the idea that eggs have cholesterol and high blood cholesterol is bad for the heart. In reality eggs have good cholesterol and besides dietary cholesterol has no correlation with blood cholesterol.
  3. Myth- Science and studies have proven eggs are bad for you
    In reality only one study done in the 1950’s (out of over 200 studies conducted subsequently) ever managed to prove that eggs are bad. And that study was conducted by a pharmaceutical company that was manufacturing cholesterol emulsification pills. It manipulated the study to prove what it wanted in order to sell more pills to the american public, whose breakfast at the time mainly consisted of eggs.
  4. Myth- Excess protein is bad for your kidneys
    Excess of any nutrient in the body will effect the kidneys- there is nothing special about protein. Secondly this only happens when there is a pre existing disorder in the kidneys.
  5. Myth- Eggs make you fat
    Just like any other food, eggs have calories. If eaten in excess, you could be eating too many calories, due to which you gain weight. A simple way to combat this is to cut the calories by removing the yolk from some of your eggs. Or perhaps a better option is to stop stuffing yourself with wheat and sugar instead of blaming eggs.
  6. Eggs are a cheap and quality source of protein.
  7. Egg whites are almost 100% pure protein.
  8. Eggs contain quality cholesterol and healthy fats that help in brain function and in the production of hormones.

Eggs are a quality food that can help combat protein deficiency, especially in vegetarian diets. You can eat whole eggs and egg whites freely and daily. Three egg whites and one whole egg for breakfast every day will improve your overall health and help preserve muscle and strength.

  1. Powdered eggs are fat free, cholesterol free and are lower in calories.
    1 tablespoon of powdered egg gives same amount of protein as a fresh egg.
    Used extensively in the Army where fresh eggs cannot be delivered.
    Of course Fresh is always better.
    But a good idea for campers, back packers etc

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